About the Clinic Center

Dean's Message

The CSC or the Clinical Skills Center began its mission in 2007 responding to the needs for medical, nursing and allied health students to have more competencies with patient interaction.
The center provides facilities for assessment and training of students across a variety of HEALTHCARE disciplines.
Presently, the center has evolved into a Simulation Center, an invaluable new resource, a TECHNOLOGY-RICH training environment that aims to support interprofessional and transdisciplinary learning programs in Libya supporting the growing demands for healthcare professionals.


Our vision is to fully integrate clinical simulation as a transformative learning strategy that ensures patient safety and facilitates optimum patient care.


The mission of the LIMU Clinical Skills Simulation Center is to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes by integrating medical simulation-based teaching methodologies into the educational curriculum for all students, residents, attending physicians, nurses and other health care staff at the Libyan International University Health System.

Organizational Structure

Objectives :

  • Reinforce learning and skills using simulation technology and related resources.
  • Provide educational materials and hands-on learning experience specific to course objectives as directed by the LIMU respective department curriculum.
  • Reinforce independent student learning opportunities, which promote a model for lifelong learning.
  • Accommodate unique learning needs of students with diverse backgrounds, abilities and educational experience.
  • Integrate Clinical Simulation into to enhance preparedness of students before introduction to hospital training