The ER Mind Emergency Medicine course concluded yesterday evening with the final theoretical (paper and chip) and Applied Clinical Tests, which qualify the participant for a certificate of attendance of the course accredited by the Libyan International Medical University.

The course, presented by Dr. Mohammed Al-Aqouri, was held at the Clinical Skills Center of the Libyan International Medical University and lasted about a month four days a week, which included theoretical lectures and practical applications, focusing on the following topics:

Common presentations and medical emergencies in the ER:

✔️How to recognize the serious patient.
✔️How to deal with the serious patient.
✔️Decision making skills.
✔️Commonly used investigations in the ER.
✔️Drugs used in the ER and timing of their use.
✔️vasopressors (basics).
✔️basic setting of Mechanical Ventilator.
✔️Theoretical exam.
✔️Clinical exam (case simulation.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Aqouri is a specialist in Critical Internal Diseases and a British Fellowship in The Interior and the British Fellowship in Acute Diseases.

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